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Equip yourself with the skills, tools, and network to overcome extremist thinking and toxic polarization globally.

Builders Resources

We’re building the go-to home for resources that equip citizens to solve divisive problems in their homes, schools, workplace, and communities.

People in a meeting with whiteboards detailing session goals.

Our Tools & Programs

A group of diverse women sit around a table listening to one another in a group conversation.


We’re bringing Americans together at the state level to find consensus-based solutions to our most divisive issues. See how to bring Citizen Solutions to your state.

A young man sitting on a couch with a phone in hand, exploring the Polarization Detox Challenge app.


A 30 day skill-building bootcamp to break the blame cycle and turn constructive conflict into sustainable solutions.

An illustration of a teacher pointing at a chalk board that reads 3Cs classroom.


The 3Cs Classroom curriculum is a framework designed to empower high school teachers to foster braver and more constructive classrooms in America through curiosity, compassion, and courage.

An illustration of a grainy TV with the logos of MSNBC, Fox News and CNN on the screen.


Our report on the media’s massively disproportionate coverage of hyper-partisan politicians over bipartisan problem solvers.

A diverse group of children pointing to a country on a globe.


Empatico connects classrooms globally, fostering empathy and enriching education through free SEL-focused live exchanges and activities.

A man standing outside looking at the 3Cs daily app on his phone.


Level up your thinking and communication skills with our free app. Put your skills to the test LIVE with other users, and turn curiosity, compassion, and courage into daily habits!

Original Builders Content

Three people against a blue backdrop, conveying diverse backgrounds, and with serious looks on their faces.

Original Series

Stories from extraordinary leaders demonstrating curiosity, compassion, and courage in action.

Two people in front of a background of bullets and a firearm.

Original Series

A documentary series featuring real stories of people bridging divides.

A man gestures to a U.S. map outline, indicating a specific area.


Learn five ways to escape toxic polarization from Columbia University professor Peter T. Coleman, Ph.D.

Two men in a split graphic, one young and red-toned, the other older and blue-toned, sitting in contemplation.

Inspiration Feed

Re-humanize the way we relate to each other with inspiring stories and tips to help you practice curiosity, compassion, and courage every day.

Curated Tools & Resources

US Polarization

An illustration of a social media profile on an iPad with the title Fake News on it.


The AllSides Media Bias Chart™ helps you to easily identify different perspectives and political leanings in the news so you can get the full picture and think for yourself.

Two faces looking at one another, one representing the Republican party and the other the Democrats.


In this four-part, scaffolded, self-paced curriculum, Essential Partners will help you develop the internal capacities, skills, and confidence you need to become a positive force in conversations around the election where you live, work, worship, and learn.

A red and blue megaphone facing each other.


Seven research-backed ideas for pundits, politicians, reporters, and regular citizens to help heal our country’s toxic polarization.

Articles & Other Links

Campus Polarization

A Poster that says "Bridging Differences, Enroll today on edX.org."


Bridging Differences is an online course that teaches us research-based principles, tools, and strategies to dialogue across lines of difference.



Perspectives is an evidence-based blended learning program designed to provide students with tools and practical skills to engage in dialogue across lines of difference.

A Youtube video screenshot with the title: Building Bridges on Campus


Interfaith America and Greater Good Science Center share guidance and strategies for bridging differences on college campuses.

Articles & Other Links

Get More Delivered


People placing small teddy bears on the ground in front of a sign that reads "Justice for Ukraine, Bring The Stolen Children Home"


The Yale School of Public Health’s Humanitarian Research Lab, as part of the Conflict Observatory, documents evidence of Russia’s relocation of children from Ukraine to a network of re-education and adoption facilities in both Russia-occupied Crimea and mainland Russia where they undergo pro-Russia re-education efforts and at times are provided military training.

A protest with waving of Russian flags and posters of Vladimir Putin of the North Korean leader.


Putin and Russian officials hope that the war in the Middle East will divert both support and attention from Ukraine.

Soldiers in combat in front of a Ukrainian flag.


The U.S. Department of State shares striking images of the destruction of the first 182 days of Putin’s unjust war in Ukraine.

Articles & Other Links

Middle East Conflict

A man with long ginger hair waving a Palestinian and an Israeli flag.


Erez Manela, A history professor at Harvard University writes in The Harvard Crimson that it is possible to stand for the right of Israelis to live in safety and security in a Jewish state and, at the same time, support the right of Palestinians to self-determination in a state of their own.

A young man wearing a blue suit and a blue and white scarf speaking in front of a lectern.


An inside look at the war from within Gaza from Rudy Rochman, with a holistic take on how Israelis and Palestinians can break free from this reoccurring conflict.

An illustration of a coins forming a bullet.


Why Israel is powerless to dismantle the group’s finances.

Articles & Other Links

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