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Equip yourself with the skills, tools, and network to overcome extremist thinking and toxic polarization globally.

Builders Initiatives

Builders is tackling extremist thinking leading to toxic polarization in the United States, the conflict in the Middle East, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Our initiatives seek to equip citizens to take action in spheres that shape culture and thought, including media, civics, and education.

A young man in glasses and a blue suit takes a selfie in front of a building adorned with international flags.

Here’s how we can take action to solve problems together.

Builders USA (Starts With Us)

In Focus: USA

Builders USA (Starts With Us) is equipping citizens to replace hyper-partisanship and toxic polarization with a culture of curiosity, compassion, and constructive problem-solving across lines of difference.


9 in 10 Republicans and Democrats strongly agree on the importance of six fundamental American values.

Yet despite that clear consensus on our values , both parties are skeptical the “other side” shares them.


8 in 10 people across partisan lines believe it is very or extremely important for citizens to be involved in finding solutions to problems facing our country.


Builders Middle East

In Focus: Middle East

Builders Middle East is empowering Israelis and Palestinians to overcome violent extremism and build toward a future in which all people can live with security, freedom, and dignity.

Builders Ukraine

In Focus: Ukraine

Builders Ukraine is working to safeguard global democracy from totalitarian aggression by keeping Americans engaged in Ukraine’s fight for freedom.


Are you ready to Build?

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